Gary Ghirardi

Gary Ghirardi

An ENACTment of art in the mind

In 1970

ENACT policies:

ENACT joy for people at public cost,

ENACT critical thinking,

ENACT constructive imagination,

ENACT demilitarization,

ENACT a public media of SCALE,

ENACT the end of the Petrol State,

ENACT meaningfulness,

ENACT affection for process,

ENACT powerful teachers,

ENACT mail art,

ENACT unmerchandizable coolness,

ENACT the future learned from the past,

ENACT matriarchy,

ENACT the end of the war against the poor,

ENACT the us against the I,

ENACT the end of capitalism,

ENACT the end of enactments when all of the above is enacted…

…It will not be 1970 forever.

IMAGINE post capitalism



Open the vector file (Available upon request) and digitally print to vinyl canvas at a dimension of 18’ H x 30’ W

Fill in the National Space with a “paintable” medium of the curator’s choice. (Tar based recommended for waterproofing)

Install the map on the outside wall of Venturi’s Ellen Johnson Gallery (See Attached Graphic)

Output 5 dorm size copies for Fall 2013 Oberlin Gallery Art Rental Program (Attached Graphic) to vinyl canvas at a dimension of 46” H x 60” W

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